Explore and Experience Bandhavgarh, The Mystical Abode of Tigers

Explore Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, the crown jewel among tiger reserves in India, exclusively with Earth Calling Expeditions. At a distance of just 3.5 hours by road from Jabalpur and an hour to 2 hours by road from Katni/Umaria, Bandhavgarh is fabled for having very rich bio diversity and one of the highest density of tigers in India. Stay in the midst of Nature, in serene and understated luxury at Bandhav Villas, explore and experience the core zones of the forest with 7 safaris conducted by Earth Calling’s experienced and renowned naturalists and drivers. Make new friends and fond memories.



Day 1:

  • Arrive and check in at Badhav Vilas. Experience an introduction and walk around at the property.
  • Meet and Greet In the evening. Quick and summary briefing conducted by us at Earth Calling about Bandhavgarh tiger reserve, rules and regulations, dos and dont’s , things to keep a keen eye and ear for when on the safari ????
  • Dinner and lights out with a keen sense of anticipation for the next day

Day 2:

  • Wakeup call at 4am. Congregate at the reception for morning tea at 4:30. Board your jeeps at 4:45am for the first safari of our expedition.
  • Enjoy packed breakfast in the forest courtesy of Earth Calling Expeditions. Guests also have the choice of ordering snacks (Bhajis, Maggi, Omelete) and hot tea at the Centre Point, named because it is right in the centre of the forest.
  • Return from the morning safari to the hotel at 12 noon, exchange notes, freshen up, rest and experience homely, and sumptuous lunch
  • Congregate for the evening safari at 2:00 pm at the reception. Board your jeeps at 2:15 pm for the evening safari. Cling on in anticipation of meeting the denizens of the jungle. We enter the forest core zone at 3/3:30 pm
  • Return from the evening safari. Tea/coffee and snacks are waiting.
  • Documentary show on wildlife at 7:15 pm. Group discussion on the day’s sighting at 7:30 pm. Naresh (popularly known as Gudda) will lead a discussion cum workshop on tracking techniques, sights and sounds.
  • This will be followed by a few photography tips on composition by Radha Sharma, a passionate wildlife photographer and nature lover.
  • Dinner and a restful sleep

Day 3:

  • We follow the day 2 schedule…. Wakeup call at 4am, congregate at 0430 and board the jeeps at 0445 • Similar to day 2…. Packed breakfast in the jungle, at centre point. Guests can indulge on other snacks at their own discretion
  • We return to the hotel , freshen up and rest. A delicious lunch awaits
  • We follow the day 2 schedule for the evening safari… congregate at 2:00pm and board your jeeps at 2:15 pm hours
  • Tea/coffee and snacks when we return from the safari.
  • Documentary show at 7:15 pm followed by an enlightening workshop. The topic is a surprise. Our founders and directors, Naresh Singh (Gudda) and Radha Sharma, promises that the surprise will be well worth it.
  • Dinner and a restful sleep

Day 4:

We follow the same schedule as Day 2 and Day 3 and are on our way to the morning safari

  • Breakfast at Centre point. • We return to the hotel at 12PM, freshen up and rest, and satiate our appetites with a great lunch
  • We follow the Day 2 and Day 3 schedule for the evening safari
  • Tea/coffee and snacks when we return from the safari at xxxx hours
  • We congregate to look at the absolutely great photographs clicked by the avid photographers in our group. A few photography tips are discussed.
  • “Share your Experience” session led by Radha Sharma, where we all share our amazing moments with Nature. • If we have time, we can play a session of “Tambola” with surprise gifts • A good dinner and a great sleep.

Day 5:

  • Same schedule as days 2, 3 and 4 for the morning safari and breakfast
  • Back to the hotel at 12PM. We freshen and prepare to check out • We see each other off with a lifetime of memories and hopefully great nostalgia


Face Mask, Sanitizer, Camera (extra battery/CF- SD Cards), Cap, Sunglasses, a sense of anticipation and loads of respect for mother nature.


  • Packed breakfast at safaris, early morning and late evening tea, lunch and dinner
  • 7 jeep safaris, with 04 guests per jeep, in the core zones of the forest (Tala, Magdhi and Khitauli)
  • All workshops, discussions and seminars post the evening safari.


  • NEAREST AIRPORT: JABALPUR. It is a 3.5 hours drive from Jabalpur by car •
  • NEAREST RAILWAY STATION:KATNI/UMARIA. Umaria is 45 minutes by car and Katni is 2 hours
  • Check in time at Bandhav Vilas is 2 pm on day one and check out is at 1130 am on day 5
  • Delicacies and tea/coffee that are purchased from the stalls at Centre Point are at your own discretion and your own pocket.
  • A night safari at Bandhavgarh can be arranged on request. The night safari is at a buffer zone and is a unique experience. Charges will be extra and will depend on the number of expeditioners.
  • For guests/expeditioners who would want to have a tour of the nearby villages to interact with the local folk and understand how they closely co-exist with wildlife, we would be more than happy to facilitate and arrange 


Double Occupancy: 35000/- (Per Person)
Single Occupancy:43000/-

Dates : 26-Jun to 30-Jun-2021
Location : Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh