Hi Loaded with sweet memories , a BIG THANKS to radha maam ,naresh sir and earth calling . Right from the red carpet welcome at jaipur , the entire trip was thorouhgly enjoyed by us.We felt like the members of the Rajasthan Royal Family with the hospitality showed to us.Kudos to EARTH CALLING !!! At sawai madhopur ,radha really took us close to nature.The sighting of big cats ,peacock dance, ramble of the bear made us to be in cloud nine. Three cheers to radha for organising such a wonderful well planned trip for us. Looking forward for more such EXCITING trips.
Latha Seshadri
Meticulous planning and execution ..kudos to naresh and radha for the wonderful experience ..thank you ..
Thank you for arranging such a wonderful trip radha ma'am.... overall experience was good.going back with a contented and happy heart ...??
Had a perfect time. Going home with loads of sweet memories. Thanks to the good efforts of nature conservatives like you and Radha.
Patricia Lucy
Thank you Naresh Saab for the beautiful experience, amazing planning and travel arrangements. Superb hospitality at the hotel & resorts. Thanks once again.
Revathy Parmeswarn
Thank you guys. The trip was awesome because of all of you and Radha kudos to you once again. God bless Ranthambore andthe tigers, peacocks and all of them.
I really enjoyed the Wildlife Photography trip to Kabini. All the arrangements, coordination and follow ups by Radha Sharma were excellent. The icing on the cake was the shighting and photographing of 3 tigers. Looking forward to the next trip.
I have been on numerous vacations to touristy spots before but never on a wildlife adventure. This was my first ever wildlife trip and my heartfelt thanks to you for making it so memorable. Being the most amateur photographer in the group I never felt out of place in this group of professional photographers who had travelled across the globe on n no of wildlife photography tours. The whole trip was so well organised that all the group members received a checklist of what to carry as well as the tour itenary well in advance which helped us plan and pack properly. The accommodation @ JLR and food was comfortable and good. I felt extremely lucky that we spotted wild cats and black panther- leopard mating pair. I think all in all it helped me handle my camera better. I took away lots of beautiful pictures along with lifetime memories of my first wildlife trip. Looking forward to many more of such wonderful trips and happy memories to cherish with Earth Calling. Love,
Sai Pooja
To capture the beauty of nature in it's wilderness has been a long time dream and thanks to you Radha ma'am, for the spectacular trip to Kabini. It made me realise this dream. Not only was this my first safari trip , it was also my very first attempt at wildlife photography. The whole Journey to Kabini and our stay was well organised, with careful planning and a leisurely packed schedule. The trip also gave me an unforgettable opportunity to meet other nature lovers from diverse backgrounds, who were more than happy to share their life stories, interests and knowledge. The place of stay and food were of excellent quality. The highlight of the trip was the three unexpected and glorious sightings during the Safari, which quenched my long thirst for a perfect capture. With meticulous planning to detail, flexible timing, affordable pricing and unique choices, this trip took us far away from the moribund city life and far into the serene clutches of nature . It shall be etched in my memory forever and I will always be glad that I made this wonderful choice! Thanks once again !
The Kabini trip organised by you was very good .We had excellent wildlife sightings .The stay ,rooms ,food and ambience was nice .The safari was also thrilling and the guide Ravi was very observing .The group was disciplined ,hope to participate many more wildlife safaris !!!!!
Great you had mentioned it is pure Meditation...i reached home in the morning and was walking towards home and was hearing all bird noises and was trying to analyse what is that ??????...guess we are missing lot of good things... Need to visit again soon...pure bliss... @Radha thanks for the addiction ??
C.Naren Dharmaraj
)The tadoba wild life trip organised by raadha earth calling was well planned and selected in core zones for best sightings.but the climate was very hot and trip little tiring .sightings was good .stay and food was good .looking to join more trips like this .
Surya & Aparna
Thank you for giving us Unforgettable memories of TADOBA. We were enthralled with the sightings of the great big cats. Looking forward to do more trips of the same kind as TATR. The slogan ìEnchanting TADOBAî really showed the itís meaning. Lucky and thrilled by the two close calls with Maya and Madhuri (with cubs). The organization of the trip was as great as sighting a Tiger in the wild. Kudos to ìEarth Callingî. Feeling great to be a part of the Earth Calling Group(TATR). Cheers!!!
Thank you for a great initiation into the wilderness, for us and most importantly for Keshav. I don't think he will think of the zoo when he hears tigers from now on. It was an experience of a lifetime. I think Aparna Ma'am and Surya and us three got lucky , but like you said ' ??tiger par likha hai dekhne walon ka naam ". Thank you for making our first safari so memorable