What we offer

We work with our guests to create customised experiences for them. We put together and conduct wildlife and nature experiences at the national parks and reserves in India. We conduct tours and expeditions for photographers, novices and professionals alike. We put together itineraries for travellers to experience the melting pot of culture and heritage that our country is.

We take young impressionable minds and students to experience nature, wildlife and culture; and hopefully do our bit in helping them appreciate what nature has to offer. Some of us belong to the fairer sex and we love to organise all women tours and expeditions as well.

We are with our guests throughout the experience that we customise, we travel and explore with them and are enriched with each day that we spend with them. It has helped us build the relationships that we have.

Our Founders

Radha is a biologist, a photographer and an educationist. Her journey into the wild started few years back when she sighted her first tiger at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve on 1 May 2014. Since then there is no looking back.

She is a wildlife and nature enthusiast. Radha loves to be in the company of young minds. She earnestly believes that educating impressionable young minds on nature, wildlife and conservation is a contribution she can make towards nature and wildlife. Radha has given many seminars and lectures and has shared her experiences with many school students. She also conducts workshops on basic knowledge of wildlife photography for students and amateurs.

Her photographs have been exhibited at a few of renowned places at Pondicherry, Wayanad and Kabini.

Naresh Singh fondly known as Gudda, is a true native of the wilderness. He has worked as a naturalist for almost two decades now. His bond with wildlife is unbreakable. People and guests refer to him as the mowghli of Bandhavgarh. His extensive expertise in flora and fauna of Central and other parts of India is unparalleled. His ability to track tigers and understand their behaviour is prodigious.

He has won many accolades including a special mention award from Sanctuary Asia, India’s leading wildlife magazine. He is an invitee and speaker at various wildlife forums. He has contributed a lot to the welfare of the community in and around the forest. He practices and believes in a conservationist way of life.

His aim is to bring more and more people close to nature and wildlife. He firmly believes that this way he can give back to the forest and wildlife the belonging that the forests have given him.

Our Motto

We aim to give back to nature as much as we can. Nature and wildlife are threatened, at the same time they are hardy and can eagerly bounce back if given the space and time. What nature needs from us is a tiny amount of compassion and consideration. We endeavor to engender this empathy, compassion and consideration and hence we do what we do.

India is a land of immense beauty, its cultural diversity and ethos are unparalleled. We aim to introduce and encourage our guests to soak in this diversity and ethos. We believe that this entire experience is profound and we, in some manner, are contributing to our guest’s personal journeys by doing what we do.